BNA – November Minutes

Beechmont Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

November 16, 2009

Meeting called to order by Acting President Jeff Miller at 7:00 P.M.

Board Members Present: Jeff Miller, Dottie Krause, Deveney French, Laura Speedie, Rick Pickerill, Linda Taylor, Debbie Thompson, Bob Starck, Bruce Cantrell, Gary Guss, Vi Thompson, and Corey Koellner.

Board Members Absent: Liz Meisberg

Guests Present: Major Steve Green, Lt. Joe Manning, Linda Guss, Jim Woodward, Virginia Woodward, Donna Pickerill, Julie Brackett, Joe Brackett, Kay Farmer, Vanessa Whitworth, Melissa Minch, Andrew Scott, Tiffany Huffman, Tim Firkins, Micah Falloway, Donna Harper, Ed Wall, Bill Stovall, Bruce Jacobs, Carlos Valdes, Betsy Ruhe, Ray Manley, Carolyn Walker, & Doug Taylor.

Jeff Miller called meeting to order and welcomed all guests to our chili supper and board meeting. This meeting had one of our largest turnouts. Board members and Candidates were introduced and election ballots were handed out to everyone attending meeting. The new board members for 2010 are:

Bob Starck, Liz Meisburg, Gary Guss, Debbie Thompson, Dottie Krause, Rick Pickerill, Deveney French, Laura Speedie, Jeff Miller, Linda Taylor, Vi Thompson, Bruce Cantrell, and Micah Falloway

Debbie Thompson made motion to accept by acclamation all candidates as board members, seconded by Virginia Woodward, and passed by all present.

Crime Report: Lt. Joe Manning reported on crime in the Beechmont Neighborhood. A suspect has been arrested for burglaries in the area. Overall, property crime is down 19% and violent crime is down 11% in our neighborhoods compared to 2008. A reminder that Blockwatches are a key weapon to reduce criminal activity. If you are interested in forming a block watch for your street, contact Officer Barbara Bailey, of the fourth division at 574-7010.

October Board Minutes were reviewed and a motion to accept minutes was made by Linda Taylor, seconded by Dottie Krause. Motion passed

New Business: Jeff Miller requested up to $60 for cookies and candy for Holiday on the Corner. Motion made by Rick Pickerill to purchase snacks, seconded by Micah Falloway. Motion passed

A motion was made by Gary Guss to pay Girards Hardware $11 for items purchased. Seconded, by Bob Starck. Motion passed

December Board meeting will be held at Dottie Krause’s house at 6:00P.M., on December 14, 2009.

A special thank you to the fire fighters for hosting the November Board Meeting, and cooking chili and hot dogs for everyone in attendance. This will be our last meeting at the “old” firehouse, and we look forward to our new firehouse coming in 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10P.M.


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