BNA September Board Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2009

Meeting called to order by Acting President Jeff Miller at 7:05P.M.

Board Members Present: Gary Guss, Laura Speedie, Rick Pickerill, Vi Thompson, Debbie Thompson, Linda Taylor, Bob Starck, Deveney French, Bruce Cantrell and Jeff Miller.

Board Members Absent: Dottie Krause and Liz Meisberg

Guests Present: Lt. Joe Manning, Officer Barbara Bailey, and Micah Followay

Treasurers Report: D. Thompson reported on our financial status and we currently have a balance of $5723. Report was approved by G. Guss and seconded by L. Taylor.

Copies of August Minutes were not available for review.

Crime Information: Lt. Manning reported on crime in the Beechmont area. Crime is still decreasing in the Beechmont area compared to same period in 2008. Several Burglaries were reported in the Lynnhurst area,

the police have a suspect and it’s a matter of time before they get their man!!!!!!

Lt. Manning introduced Officer Barbara Bailey as the Division Resource Officer. She will be very instrumental in helping us with crime problems in our area and we are pleased to have her in this district.

Speeding is an ongoing problem on Ashland Ave. and Lt. Manning said he would pass the info to Traffic Officers.

Beautification Committee: Metro Parks will repair damage to landscaping at the Gazebo. This was the result of a water line problem.

Farmers Market: Donna Pickerill reported on the Harvest Fest, which will be held Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009. A motion was made, by L. Taylor, to run an ad in the Courier Journal for the Harvest Festival, the cost would be $159., seconded by L. Speedie. Also, motion made, by G. Guss, to give a $50 gift certificate to the neighbor who supplies electricity for the music at the market, seconded by V. Thompson.

New Business: A discussion concerning the Olmstead Academy South project for a parking lot addition, was brought to the attention of the BNA. The JCPS has purchased 3 homes adjacent to the school and are planning a parking lot on the south side of the school. The plan in place, has created some concerns involving the landscaping and preserving the Olmstead developmental plan along the Parkway. Metro Parks and the Olmstead Conservancy are working together to keep the JCPS Plan compatible with Parkway character. A motion, by J. Miller, was made to form a committee to monitor and work with various agencies to preserve the Olmstead Plan along the parkway., seconded by L. Taylor. Serving on the committee with Jeff and Linda are G. Guss, D. French, and B. Starck.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50P.M.

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