Money Grab by The State

We just had our property re-assessed by the PVA, despite a 20% reduction in Property values in our area the PVA decided our property is worth 20% more than we paid for it. Their assessment does not match the surrounding property sales for comparable property in the 2 mile area surrounding our house.

If you have gotten one of these letters in the mail, you have until May 18th to schedule a meeting with the PVA to protest their assessment. This is the first step in a 3 step protest process, if you fail to protest this, you will not have another chance to do so for an entire year.

We had a 30 minute interview with the PVA downtown and presented  real estate comps showing our view of what the property is worth. We got a $10,000 reduction in valuation, which unfortunately is not enough. Our next step is to continue to protest this and to get a formal review by the board.

I am convinced that the state, is looking to enhance their revenue stream by balancing their budget on the backs of the taxpayers, they are taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people will just accept the increase.

Be informed and don’t let them take advantage of you, remember the deadline to protest is May 18th.

I’ll write more as we go through the process.


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