Americana Festival 2009 – June 6th 2009

Come out after our Farmers Market next Saturday and visit the folks down at the Americana for some great food and shoppingAmericanaWorldFestival


Kentucky Humane Society – Food Bank

devildog2008Here’s the information from the Humane Society …

Beginning Saturday, May 23, families can pick up free pet food every Saturday from 12 noon to 4 p.m. at the Kentucky Humane Society main campus, located at 241 Steedly Drive in Louisville.

The weekly pet food bank will serve families in need on a first-come, first-served basis. Pet owners wishing to participate must bring photo identification and complete a brief application during their first visit, which requests personal contact information, as well as the number and size of pets in the household. KHS will not require proof of income, but we do want to remind people that the pet food bank is designed to help those who are struggling to feed their companion animals during the recession.

We recommend that each family take at least two weeks worth of food at a time. Furthermore, those utilizing this service will be offered financial assistance at the KHS S.N.I.P. Clinic. Since pet overpopulation still persists in our community, we are requiring pets to be spayed or neutered within three months of their first visit.

For more information on the KHS pet food bank and how you can get involved with this program, call (502) 366-3355

To Market, To Market … to Buy some produce

marketWe plan to have an unofficial opening of the Market (just) one week early, June 6, for any of the vendors who want to come that day. This was mainly to accomodate the farmers who expect to have some early produce.  The advertised opening is June 13.

We will send out the early open date on the BNA e-mail distribution list, etc., as well as have the signs out, but expect the crowd may be light.

We have picked up several new vendors this year, including 4 new produce vendors, one of whom is a large organic egg producer, and are very excited about the 2009 season.

Also, we are always looking for volunteer musicians, so if you know anyone who would be interested in playing at one of the markets (for tips, which are usually pretty good), please contact Donna Pickerill – BNA Open Air Market Coordinator at 367-2652

BNA April Board Meeting Minutes

bnalogoBeechmont Neighborhood  Association Board Meeting

April 20, 2009

President Corey Koellner called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.

Board Members Present:  Corey Koellner, Gary Guss, Rick Pickerill, Linda Taylor, Liz Meisburg, Debbie Thompson, Vi Thompson, and Laura Speedie

Board Members Absent:  Jeff Miller, Dottie Krause, Deveney French, Bruce Cantrell, and Bob Starck

Guests Present: Linda Guss, Donna Pickerill, Lt. Greg Mitchell, Trent DeLoach and Micah Followay

Crime Report:  Lt. Mitchell reported that crime is down approximately 24%, from last year in the Beechmont area.  Crime report for this month included: 2 Robberies, 7 Burglaries, 11 Thefts from Autos, 6 Vandalisms, and 4 Stolen Autos.  Also, the Lieutenant is going to retire in August 09.  We wish him the best  and would like to thank him for serving the Louisville Community and being our Neighborhood Laison.

March Minutes reviewed and motion made by Corey Koellner to approve minutes, seconded by Gary Guss.

Treasurers Report showed a balance of  $5695.04, motion to approve by Rick Pickerill, seconded by Gary Guss.

Committee Reports

Beautification Committee–  Discussion of the Gazebo Project. Motion made by Linda Taylor  to spend $3000 from Community foundation money for the landscaping , seconded by Debbie Thompson.

Festival of Flowers– Motion made by Debbie Thompson to fund up to $2000 for start up cost for the Festival of Flowers, seconded by Laura Speedie.

Publicity Committee– Gary Guss has sent out all publicity for the Festival of Flowers and Mini Marathon Breakfast

Farmers Market– Motion made by Linda Taylor to fund $75 for music for accordian player, seconded by Gary Guss.

Mini Marathon Breakfast– Motion made by Corey Koellner to pay Metro Parks $90 for picnic table set up at the breakfast, seconded by  Linda Taylor.

Old Business– Gazebo benches were discussed, funding will come from Community Grant Foundation

New Business

Ryan Taylor will be the teen representative of the Beechmont Neighborhood Association.

Corey showed two designs for new “Welcome to South Louisville Neighborhoods“ signs.

Motion to adjourn made by Laura Speedie at 8:35p.m.

All BNA members review the minutes and make notes on any items that need to be discussed at our next meeting.

Rick Pickerill – BNA Secretary

Money Grab by The State

We just had our property re-assessed by the PVA, despite a 20% reduction in Property values in our area the PVA decided our property is worth 20% more than we paid for it. Their assessment does not match the surrounding property sales for comparable property in the 2 mile area surrounding our house.

If you have gotten one of these letters in the mail, you have until May 18th to schedule a meeting with the PVA to protest their assessment. This is the first step in a 3 step protest process, if you fail to protest this, you will not have another chance to do so for an entire year.

We had a 30 minute interview with the PVA downtown and presented  real estate comps showing our view of what the property is worth. We got a $10,000 reduction in valuation, which unfortunately is not enough. Our next step is to continue to protest this and to get a formal review by the board.

I am convinced that the state, is looking to enhance their revenue stream by balancing their budget on the backs of the taxpayers, they are taking advantage of the fact that a lot of people will just accept the increase.

Be informed and don’t let them take advantage of you, remember the deadline to protest is May 18th.

I’ll write more as we go through the process.

BWC Garden Tour

Beechmont Woman’s Club

Garden Tour

May 30, 2009

Tour Eight Beautiful Local Gardens

Tour With Lunch included $20

Tour 10 am – 3 pm

Lunch served 12 noon – 2 pm

Ticket Information call 502-368-0628

Beechmont Womans Club

4516 S. 6th Street

Louisville, KY, 40214