BNA Board Minutes for March 2009

bnalogoBeechmont Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
March 16, 2009
Meeting at Iroquois High School

Meeting was called to order by President Corey Koellner at 6:30p.m.

Board Members Present: President Corey Koellner, Jeff Miller, Gary Guss, Linda Taylor, Dottie Krause, Liz Meisburg,, Debbie Thompson, Bob Starck, Deveney French, Bruce Cantrell and Rick Pickerill
Board Members Absent: Vi Thompson and Laura Speedie
Guests Present: Trent DeLoach

Crime Report:
Overall crime is down in the Beechmont area for the past month, according to  Lt. Mitchell

February  minutes approved by committee

Treasurers report showed a balance of $6256.00, approved by committee.
Report from Committees:
One quote has been submitted for landscaping project at Gazebo.  Stephenson Landscaping submitted a bid for $2600.  Other bids will be sought for the project.   Liz Meisburg, Jeff Miller, & Dottie Krause will put together a plan from all bidders and report their findings to the BNA board.
Farmers Market-
Two new farmers have notified Donna Pickerill about participating in our Farmers Market.  Crops are coming in on time and some of the farmers may set up at Beechmont Baptist Church before the official opening of the market for 2009.
Old Business:
Linda Taylor reported on the two new benches at the Gazebo.  A motion was made by Linda Taylor to spend $3220 for the benches, seconded by Gary Guss. After brief discussion,  motion was accepted by Board. Money will come from Community Foundation Grant.
Also , approved up to $600 for repair to the two wooden benches, Motion made by Gary Guss and seconded by Dottie Krause. Motion was accepted by Board.

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 19, 2009 at 1:00 p.m., at 514 W. Liberty Street, to discuss the T Mobile Cell Tower being erected at 4839 Southside Drive. If you or your neighbors have concerns please try to attend this meeting.

New Business:
The BNA is still looking for a teenage representative to join the Board.  Would like to have a young person that could represent the youth in our area.  If you know of someone have them to contact Corey Koellner.

Dottie Krause, Linda Taylor and Corey Koellner are looking into a “Welcome to the neighborhood “ sign in the vicinity of  I-264 exit at Third St./Southern Parkway.

Board approved a motion by Corey Koellner and seconded by Deveney French, to purchase a Wii Play for the Beechmont Community Center for $50.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45p.m.

Please review the minutes and make notes on any items that need to be discussed at our next board meeting.

Prepared by Secretary Rick Pickerill


Beechmont Open Air Market

marketThe Market will open on Saturday June 13th from 8-Noon at Southern Parkway at Wellington and will run through September 26th. Some of the farmers may have produce available before the official start date. If we can make this happen, I will post the information here.

Thanks again to the members of Beechmont Baptist Church who are letting us use their parking lots again this year. Be sure to stop in at the BNA booth at the market and say hello.

We will have produce, live plants, herbs and selected crafts again this year. Come out and enjoy the market and the company of your neighbors.