Large Cellphone Tower at St. John Vianney

cell-tower6If you are opposed to this tower, please plan to attend this meeting. This is a large and visible structure that T-mobile claims they need for improved reception.

Notice of Public Hearing Case Number: 12157

You are invited to attend a review of a proposal for an application for a proposed 150 foot high self supporting tower with a 4 foot lightning rod for a total of 154 feet with a 1,600 square foot fenced compound area in the center of a 9 acre tract and landscaping waivers.

Subject Property: 4839 SOUTHSIDE DR 40214-0000;

This case will be presented to the PLANNING COMMISSION.

Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009
Time: Meeting will begin at 1:00 PM and continue until all cases are heard.
Place: 514 W. Liberty Street

Visit for:
* Case information
* Public comment opportunities
* Criteria and process for petitioning for an alternative time/location for a
Planning Commission hearing

A list of adjoining property owners notified of this proposal is available in
the case file at the address listed below. Persons who desire special
accommodations should contact the Planning Commission office at 574-6230
at least one week prior to this meeting. (TDD users please use the
Relay Service, 1-800-648-6056.)

Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services
444 S. 5th Street – Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40202-4313, (502)574-6230
Serving the Board of Zoning Adjustment, Planning Commission, Land Development and
Transportation Committee, Historic Landmarks and Preservation District Commission, and Overlay Committees.


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