Beechmont’s Possibilities

We have much to be proud of in Beechmont – our neighborhood’s beauty, history, landmarks, and diversity set it uniquely apart.  Southern Parkway, our historic Olmsted parkway, is viewed by many residents as the centerpiece of the neighborhood.  Many community festivals are held in its park-like green space and pedestrians enjoy the bridle paths on a daily basis.  Our Iroquois library branch is a convenient source of information and highly-utilized resource for area residents.  There is also the Beechmont Farmer’s Market, which provides a wonderful setting for purchasing fresh produce and meeting neighbors on lazy Saturday mornings.

It is due to the tireless efforts of many individuals over the years that enable us to enjoy what we have today.  The BNA (and former Beechmont Civic Club) helped champion the Southern Parkway restoration and continued cleanups, assisted with the financing of the Iroquois library, and established the Farmer’s Market we currently enjoy.  These are just a few examples of the many area accomplishments that came to fruition by people working together; however, we can’t stop and rest on our laurels!  We must continue moving forward, confront the difficult issues, and imagine the possibilities for our neighborhood.  The Louisville Branding Alliance recently coined Louisville as the “possibility city”, highlighting the can-do spirit of our people.  So I ask you, what are the “possibilities” you envision in Beechmont?

I envision the old gas station at Southern Pkwy. & Woodlawn as an Ehrler’s or Graeter’s ice cream shop.  A neighborhood gathering spot — with inside seating and outdoor patio — where you can grab a waffle cone as you stroll down Southern Pkwy.; or a location for the Beechmont Youth Sports teams to celebrate a victory.  


I envision the intersection at Southside Dr. & 2nd Street with a neighborhood garden or island with an overabundance of greenery and flowering plants — a wonderful addition to Southeastern Beechmont.  


I envision 3rd St. having a road drainage system that doesn’t bust your oil pan or send you airborne when driving in the right-hand lane.  

I envision a network of free neighborhood hotspots to provide internet access for our youth and those without the ability to afford high-speed access to the World Wide Web (with as the homepage of course).  

I envision the possibility of having greater youth involvement in area cleanups and community activism.  It’s a cliché, but they are our future neighborhood leaders; we must work with them to create a sense of ownership in the community.

Now you know a few of the possibilities I envision.  Help us make your possibilities a reality by attending one of the BNA meetings and letting your voice be heard.  But don’t stop there, lead the charge in creating that community garden, coordinate with the Louisville Metro Economic Development department to organize a letter campaign encouraging businesses to locate here, or organize a neighborhood cleanup to help showcase the beauty of our neighborhood.  We must continue moving forward, and together we can realize our full potential.

Yes Beechmont, we have much to be proud of…but just imagine the possibilities!

~ Corey Koellner BNA President


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