Louisville’s part of the Stimulus Package

Here’s a link to our portion of the Stimulus package. Improvements to Southern Parkway, lot’s of infrastructure developments, tear down part of Iroquois homes, and a redo for the elementary school. Check  it out .


Thanks to Livie Willamson for tipping me off to this.


BNA February Board Meeting Minutes




Board of Directors Meeting

February 16, 2009



Corrections from January Minutes- Vi Thompson is a co-chair of the Beautification Committee. Business District Committee co-chairs are Bob Starck and Rick Pickerill.

Board Members Present: President Corey Koellner, Gary Guss, Jeff Miller, Rick Pickerill, Laura Speedie, Debbie Thompson, Linda Taylor, Bob Starck, Deveney French, and Vi Thompson.

Board Members Absent: Dottie Krause, Elizabeth Meisburg, and Bruce Cantrell

Guests Present: Linda Guss, Donna Pickerill, Martin Colt, Officer Shane Justis, Martha Berner, John Swintosky, and Trent DeLoach

Crime Report:
Officer Shane Justis reported on crime in the area: The areas between Ashland and Brookline have been hit hard with vandalism of property. (windows being shot out with BBguns) Also, an increase in Burglaries in the Beechmont area. Police are asking for residents to call on any suspicious activity in the neighborhoods.

Treasury Report for January approved by Bob Starck, seconded by Jeff Miller.
Minutes from January accepted and approved by Jeff Miller, seconded by Laura Speedie.

Guest Speakers Martha Berner and John Swintosky, with Metro Parks, gave a brief history of the Olmsted Beautification project and how it affects the Southern Parkway corridor. Plans for landscaping the Gazebo area were reviewed and Jeff Miller was commended for the preliminary plans. Estimates will be sought from local landscapers to complete the project.

Old Business:

Brightside Clean Up- scheduled for March 28th, 2009, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. We need volunteers, youth groups, and neighbors to help in clean up. Will focus on the Expressway ramp areas.

Sunergos Coffee shop is scheduled to open in May.
Cell Tower plans are still pending, but it appears the tower will be built behind St. John Vianney church.

New Business:

Corey mentioned that the board needs to consider a Youth Representative for the BNA, who could help with youth involvement in our community.

Committee Reports:

Beautification Committee- Need volunteers for the Brightside Clean Up on March 28th.
Farmers Market- Motion made to join the Ky. Farmers Market Group and pay $25 membership fee. Approved by Gary Guss and seconded by Bob Starck. Also, pay Beechmont Baptist Church $300 for making the Farmers Market Cart. Approved by Gary Guss and seconded by Debbie Thompson
Membership Committee- Gary discussed the need for Business Member Ads in the Bugler. If anyone knows of an area business that would like to advertise in the Bugler to notify him. Cost is $70, includes membership in neighborhood association and ad space in the Bugler.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00p.m.

Submitted by Rick Pickerill – Secretary

BNA 2009 Calendar

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2009 BNA Events Calendar
This was created by our own Linda Taylor … thanks Linda.

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BNA Meeting – Monday Feb.16th at 7PM



This months board meeting will be held at Iroquois Library at 7PM on Monday February 16th. This month we will have a speaker from Metro Parks who will discuss the landscaping proposed for the Gazebo. This meeting as all of our meetings are open to the public. As always, Lieut. Greg Mitchell of LMPD will be on hand with the latest Crime report. We also will discuss some upcoming events such as the MiniMarathon Breakfast, the Festival of Flowers, and our Farmer’s Market as well as other topics.

Storm Debris Pickup for Beechmont

We are in zone B-5 . Debris should be placed between the sidewalk and the street so it can be picked up via the truck. Don’t block the sidewalk or the street. Small stuff can be picked up with the standard yard waste program.

Here’s a link to Public Works for more information:

Public Works Storm Debris Removal

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