MSD New Years Resolutions

Louisville Metro’s waterways are some of the greatest community resources. They support fish, wildlife and recreational activities.
The Metropolitan Sewer District, along with citizen support, can improve and protect the quality of our waterways today and for coming generations. As part of the MSD’s Waterway Improvements Now program (Project WIN), we will need the help and support of all the citizens of Louisville Metro if we’re to meet the goal of clean waterways.
How can each of us help in the coming year? RESOLVE TO:
1.) Prevent localized flooding
2.) Keep storm drains and catch basins free of leaves and debris.
3.) Conserve water and prevent the overloading of sewers
4.) Use the dishwasher and washing machine only when they are full and refrain from using them during heavy rains or immediately thereafter.
5.) Take the car to a car wash
6.) Keep oil and metals that wash off the car from flowing into storm drains by using a car wash, which sends the polluted water to wastewater treatment facilities.
7.) Dispose of fats, cooking oils and greases into the trash
Refrain from pouring these byproducts down the sink and prevent them from building up in sewers.
8.) Reduce use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides on lawns and gardens
9.) Prevent toxins from washing off the ground into our rivers and streams by not applying fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals when rain is forecasted.
10.) Think of the fish and wildlife before putting anything down the drain, such as paint, medicines, trash,
oil, or pesticides. Dispose of these items properly.
11.) Pick up at least four pieces of litter each day
Keep our community beautiful and prevent trash from washing off into our streams and rivers.
!2.) Spread the word
Talk to neighbors, friends, and family about the value of our streams and rivers.


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